OBESITY Multiple Choice Questions :-

1. All except one are appetite stimulating hormones

a) Leptin

b) Ghrelin

c) Peptide YY

d) Glucagon

2. Brown adipose tissue (BAT), plays an important role in energy metabolism in many mammals. The false statement about BAT,out of the followings is

a) Storage of energy in the form of lipids

b) Expenditure of stored energy as heat

c) Increased Metabolic activity of BAT by leptin

d) BAT dissipates the hydrogen ion gradient in the oxidative respiration chain

3) Body Mass Index(BMI) gives a measure of relative weight adjusted for height. The healthy range for BMI is between

a) 15- 19.5

b) 19.5- 25.0

c) 25- 29.9

d) Equal to 30 or > 30.

4) Which statement is false about ‘Upper abdominal obesity’?

a) Increased abdominal circumference (> 102 cm in men and 88 cm in women

b) High waist–hip ratios (> 1.0 in women and > 0.85 in men)

c) Risk of diabetes mellitus, stroke, coronary artery disease, and early death

d) Visceral fat within the abdominal cavity is more hazardous to health than subcutaneous fat around the abdomen.

5) Choose the true statement about ‘lower abdominal obesity’

a) Also called, ‘Apple shaped obesity’

b) Waist to hip ratio (< 1.0 for women and <0.8 for men)

c) Relatively common in females

d) Associated with increased risk for coronary heart disease stroke and diabetes mellitus.

6) Although the adipocyte has generally been regarded as a storage depot for fat, it is also an endocrine cell that releases numerous molecules in a regulated fashion. Which of the followings is not an adipose derived chemical ?


b) Ghrelin

c) Resistin

d) Adiponectin

7) The major role of lepton in body-weight regulation is

a) to signal satiety to the hypothalamus

b) to reduce dietary intake and fat storage

c) modulation of energy expenditure and carbohydrate metabolism

d) All of the above.

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8) Which of the followings is not a secondary cause of obesity ?

a) Cushing syndrome

b) Insulinoma

c) Hypothyroidism

d) Diabetes mellitus

9) Which of the following adipose derived hormones promotes insulin sensitivity in peripheral tissues ?

a) Adiponectin

b) Resistin

c) Amylin

d) Leptin

10) Which of the followings statement is true about metabolic syndrome ?

a) Associated with lower body obesity

b) Associated with type 1 diabetes mellitus

c) Associated with metabolic diseases

d) Associated with increased risk for diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases

11) Orlistat is the only FDA approved drug for treatment of obesity, the mechanism of action involves

a) Increasing BMR

b) Inhibition of appetite centre

c) Promotes satiety

d) Inhibition of gastric and pancreatic lipases

12)- Dieting is the most commonly practiced approach to weight control. One can estimate the effect of calorie restriction on the reduction in adipose tissue. Since one pound of adipose tissue corresponds to ———— kilo calories.

a) 1000

b) 2000

c) 3000

d) 3500

13) Bariatric surgery is an increasingly prevalent treatment option for patients with obesity. Choose the incorrect statement about it

a) Most popular is the roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB)

b) The operation can be done laparoscopically

c) Can be the treatment of choice for any grade of obesity

d) results in substantial amounts of weight loss—close to 50% of initial body weight

Key to answers- 1)- d, 2)- a, 3)-b, 4)- b, 5)-c , 6)-b, 7)- d, 8)- d, 9)- a, 10)-d, 11)-d, 12)-d, 13)-c